Turmeric Health Benefits

1.) It prevents cancer.It is very good friend of liver. Hence prevents Liver Disease . 2.) Improves Digestive system. 3.) It is very effective at any stage of diabetes because it have curcumin. 4.) Prevents from Alzheimer’s Disease

Employee provident fund (EPF) registration

Employee provident fund (EPF) is run by government of India and there is a dedicated system which runs for the government and private sector employee. If you want to register for Employee provident fund (EPF) then you must have these. 1. Your PF account number. 2. Your mobile number. 3. Your full name which you are using in governmental subjects or in your pay-slip. 4. YOur Email-id. 5. Pan card/Voter

Patta Chitta - Land Records in Tamilnadu

Patta chitta is very help full to get government field records (Land Records) of Tamil Nadu state in India. You can get all details of Patta copy or chitta extract of any agriculture land, you can also A-Register Extract Or verify any land details by patta number. When a buyer decides to purchase a land/property, then buyer have to check patta document first. So that buyer has to insure that

Link your Aadar Card with Gas agency and ICICI bank

Government of India is issuing Unique Identification number (UID) / Aadhaar number to all Indian residents through Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) All Government benefits will now be routed through the bank account that is linked to Aadhaar / UID number. Suppose you are having a Aadar card and your gas company informed you to please attach your aadar card with them. In that case you can do this

Employee Provident Fund 0ffice (EPFO)

EPFO means Employee Provident Fund Office is placed in every state and run by Government of india. Many states having more then 3-5 offices in different- different cities. You can get your EPFO Office by EFP government website from   Select your state by using drop down in Select PF Office State. After selecting dropdown, A table will generate containing the list of EPFO offices. You can find this

The Unbeatable benefits of Beetroot

1. Excellent food during Pregnancy as it contains Natural Folic acid, and during pregnancy docter suggest to take lots of folic intake. 2. Beetroot improves immunity because it is having minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. 3. For loosing weight you can add it in your daily intake, it is fat free & energy giving fruit. 4. Effective for wound healing 5. Lowers Cholesterol & BP because it have soluble fiber, a

Voter ID search by name in Madhya Pradesh

The Election Commission of Madhya Pradesh is preparing for next MP election. If you are resident of Madhya Pradesh and you want to know about your voter id details, i.e. your name is in electoral rolls or not. So you can found all the details from .