Bhulekh land records in Up

Bhulekh is a hindi word, Which is made up by  combining two words bhu + Abhilekh. Bhu means Bhoomi(Land in English) and Abhliekh (Records in English) ie bhulekh Land records.


Uttapradesh(UP) government has created an online database to manage land record of UP. Under this initiative project taken by UP government they are listing records of all the district, talika, Villages of UP.


UP is in highest scale of land in India and land details are changing constantly after some time intervals. These changes or updation are done or managed onlinr by NIC and UP government.

You can get yours upload records online in very few steps by using steps are:-


1. Logon to official website of bhulekh or up land record

2. Select your district name.

3. Now select your Tesil or talika name within that district.

4. Then click on the next button which is in hindi “आगे”.

Now you can search your land records by khasra number , katha number or by owner’s name.

5. In first way write down your khasra number and search for your land record.

6. In secode way just enter your name and you may get your land record.

The land record in UP is commonly known as Bhulekh, Khata khauni or fard.


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16 Responses

  1. susobhit says:

    check my bhulakeh

  2. admin says:

    Hi Susobhit,

    You can your bhulakeh details self by reading this article.

  3. Syed yadullah rizvi says:


  4. Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had registered 1 beegha land in Bahraich district by April 2013, which khetauni still has old owner name. When I met to my lawyer who had done the registration said-it’s on your name by tassel’s computer and after few months it will be on Bhulekh too. But it’s going to be completed almost 8 Months and still it’s not available on bhulekh. Kindly give your advice what to do in this case.
    The second registration of a land in bahraich city done in the month of September 2013, which dakhil kharij not done yet. Whenever I call to my lawyer he gives me socking excuses such as computer feeder is not good, tahseel dar not available, patwari has not checked yet. I really never understand the process of dakhil kharij. Once I paid the government registration charges and the land should be on my name. But it’s really hard to follow on this after paying lot of registration charge. Why the dakhil kharij takes so much time. I am really worried about it because I am working in dubai and I request to my relatives to check for khetauni and my village is 30 KM far from tahseel bahraich. Your assistant will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  5. Preeti Pathak says:

    Ahmed ,

    There are some points,

    1. Normal it takes time to update data in system. That’s why still you can’t see your name online. It will be reflect with in 5-8 months.
    2. We will suggest you to do 2 things first meet your patwari and take khasra nakal and check whether it is in your name or not. Secondly If you are still in doubt then take a legal advice from another lawyer.

    Always stay in touch with government body and a good legal adviser.

  6. nandlal yadav says:

    Thanks for bhulekh, It helps me a lot…

  7. kalraj yadav says:

    Thanks :-)

  8. kalraj yadav says:


  9. mo.shafiq says:

    Dear sir i have a land in wajidpur or jajmau kanpur my old khautani no. is 715 kindly give us new khautani no.

  10. harish says:

    dear sir,
    my village kanarsi of dankaur of gautam budh nagar
    is not listed in the details of bhulekh.
    please help.

    • Preeti Pathak says:

      Hi Harish,

      Go to,

      Select गौतम बुद नगर in जिले का नाम. Then select सदर तहसील in तहसील का नाम.
      Then click on क in ग्राम का पहला अक्षर चुनें.
      Then you will get ग्राम कनारसी. Then click on आगे >> button.

      You will get new page like

      जिला : गौतम बुद नगर तहसील : सदर तहसील ग्राम : कनारसी

      Insert your details and get result.

  11. Dr.khan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Just I planned to purchase a newly build house in Lucknow. Once I approached to khachari lawyer for documentation verification, the lawyer just went through the chain of documentation; its having 4 chains B/C /D/E clear but in Khasra the name of B/C/D/E none is there but previous owner from whom B (Society) purchased that land his name(Ketan) is there in Khasra. Please suggest what I should do? Should I go for that house or leave it. Bank will provide loan or not in this case?
    A (Ketan) The name in Khasra
    B (Society) has mentioned clearly in the document that there is no record of registration for this land in Khachari and society is selling this land to Abdul on 5-5-1992
    C (Abdul) is purchased from society on 5-5-1992.
    D (Ramkumar) purchased from Abdul on 1-1-2005
    E (Ahmed) purchased from Ramkumar on 12-8-12.
    I am purchasing from Ahmed.
    Thanks a lot for your help in adviance!

  12. Sandeep Kumar Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My brother has purchased a plot in Tronika City, Ghaziabad (U.P.), It’s registry has been done on my brother’s name before 1.5 Years, but when he tried to get Dhakhil Kharij done before 1 month, then he got information that Dhakhil Kharij rule is not allow there, till around 15 Kms area. We feel very insecurity in future related plot. So please suggest me what should we do to secure our plot legally.

    Sandeep Kumar Srivastava

  13. raj kumar/mohanlal says:

    SIR…NAME rajkumar s/o mohanlal
    dst…..sant kabir nagar [u.p.] 272176

    mera khasra khatunai
    gata numb..932/1sa


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