Herbal Hair Oil for Hair Growth| Stops Hair Fall and gives Black Shiny Hair

Herbal Hair Oil for Hair Growth| Stops Hair Fall and gives Black Shiny Hair

Nowadays every one is struggling from hair fall, damaged hair and no hair growth at all because of no healthy diet. I must say having nutritious food is very necessary for your hair and skin but it is also important to take care of it well. So for this here i am telling you the recipe of a herbal oil  which is totally home made , easy to prepare and a very cheap method for hair growth treatment.



This hair oil will stop your hair fall, give a black shiny texture to your hair and will increase the growth of your hair.

Ingredients :

1.) Coconut Oil(Pure virgin) : 100 gms

2.) Curry Leaves (Fresh) : 1/2 Cup

3.) Gooseberry / Amla : 4 (Finely Chopped)

Time For preparation : 20 min

Method :

1.) Wash gooseberry/amla and curry leaves, and let it dry. And take pure virgin coconut oil, i am taking Patanjali Coconut Oil (because it is herbal and pure virgin edible oil).


2.) Now just chop the gooseberries and heat a pan in a very lower medium flame. As the pan is hot put the patanjali coconut oil in it, and when the oil gets hot just add the chopped gooseberries and curry leaves in it. Stir it thoroughly and let it cook in very low flame for 15 minutes.


3.) Now after 15 minutes the gooseberries and curry leaves has changed its color. Our oil is done just filter it and store it in air tight container. Use this oil when it gets completely cold.


1.) I had prepared this oil for one week only, if you want to make it for 1 month or 2 months you have to increase the proportion of ingredients.

2.) Keep gas stove in a very lower flame.

3.) Store the oil in air tight container.

4.) Use this oil 2 hours before hair wash or u can apply it for overnight too for good results.

Check Out this Oil Preparation Video Here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzUJKjc8QEI



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