Voter ID search by name in Madhya Pradesh

The Election Commission of Madhya Pradesh is preparing for next MP election. If you are resident of Madhya Pradesh and you want to know about your voter id details, i.e. your name is in electoral rolls or not. So you can found all the details from .

Search name in final voter list 2013:

You can select the language options also i.e. English or Hindi. One can search his or her name in Final Voter List-2013 from this link,

In this link select your search type either “District wise” or “AC wise”.

  • If you have selected the District wise, then you only have to select your respective district. Then if you know your EPIC No. put it there your all details will automatically come. And instead of EPIC No. you have selected name field then fill your other personal details you will get your voter id details.
  • If you have selected the Ac wise, then the whole process will b same as above but you just have to put you AC.

Know your Polling Booth:

To know about your respective polling booth, you just need to select your district and enter your residence area. You will get all the details of your polling booth. You will get following details about you Polling Booth:

Details Of Polling Station

AC Name:
AC No.:
Part Name:
Part No.:
Section Name:
Section No.:
Polling Booth English:
Polling Booth Hindi:

Online e-registration for Voter ID (New Registration, Update an existing registration, Delete an existing registration):

For this you just need to select respective district name and assembly name, and then fill your personal details. Visit this link:

District wise details for Madhya Pradesh:


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