Download link Vibrate   The vibrate plugin helps you to vibrate mobile user’s screen with cusotmized popup. == Description == Vibrate plugin provides you functionality to vibrate your mobile user’s mobile with custom popup. Once user access your site a popup box with customized text will appear on home page and mobile will vibrate. However, this doesn’t mean that your device can vibrate. There are a few requirements you need to


Author :- Pranav Pathak Official Webpage where you can ask your questions related to this plugin. Plugin:- Post title validation The Post-title-validation Plugin helps to create validation on title field of post, page, custom content type. If user will not enter title field then it will alert user that “Please insert title”.


Author :- Pranav Pathak Official Website where you can ask your questions related to this plugin. Plugin :- Agreement The Agreement plugin helps to create pop-up licence agreement or term to use before download any thing from post or page. It will give freedom to change text in pop-up. After activation of plugin in post/page add file from “Add Media”, then change editor type from Visual to text and give


Author :- Pranav Pathak Official Website where you can ask your questions related to this plugin. Plugin :- Username The Username plugin helps to change username of admin, without effecting other user’s username. First it will check if same username is exist or not. if same username is not exist, then only it will update existing user’s username. Every administrator can change only his/her username from admin panel. After activation there

Turmeric Health Benefits

1.) It prevents cancer.It is very good friend of liver. Hence prevents Liver Disease . 2.) Improves Digestive system. 3.) It is very effective at any stage of diabetes because it have curcumin. 4.) Prevents from Alzheimer’s Disease

Employee provident fund (EPF) registration

Employee provident fund (EPF) is run by government of India and there is a dedicated system which runs for the government and private sector employee. If you want to register for Employee provident fund (EPF) then you must have these. 1. Your PF account number. 2. Your mobile number. 3. Your full name which you are using in governmental subjects or in your pay-slip. 4. YOur Email-id. 5. Pan card/Voter

Patta Chitta - Land Records in Tamilnadu

Patta chitta is very help full to get government field records (Land Records) of Tamil Nadu state in India. You can get all details of Patta copy or chitta extract of any agriculture land, you can also A-Register Extract Or verify any land details by patta number. When a buyer decides to purchase a land/property, then buyer have to check patta document first. So that buyer has to insure that

Link your Aadar Card with Gas agency and ICICI bank

Government of India is issuing Unique Identification number (UID) / Aadhaar number to all Indian residents through Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) All Government benefits will now be routed through the bank account that is linked to Aadhaar / UID number. Suppose you are having a Aadar card and your gas company informed you to please attach your aadar card with them. In that case you can do this