Churma Recipe

Churma Recipe

Churma is a famous dish of Rajasthan. Dal Bati is incomplete without Churma, basicly it is a sweet dish which people of Rajasthan and some part of Madhya Pradesh (like Ratlam, Ujjain, all malwa region) love with Dal Bati, and call it Dal Bati Churma


Whole Wheat flour (aata): 1 cup

Almond (Badam): 6 Grinded

Semolina (Rava): ¼ cup

Cardamom (Elichi): 2 Grinded

Ghee: 3 big spoons melted

Sugar Powder: 1/3 cup



Mix Whole Wheat flour, Semolina, Ghee with water very well and make stiff dough.

Now divide the dough into small balls and press it bit from middle.  Place these balls in gas oven or pre heat your electric oven to 170 degree C, and cook these balls until they get golden brown color. Turn over wheat balls again and again and cook them evenly.

Now let it cool and then grind it in mixer, make a thin powder. Then add powdered sugar in this mixture and grinded almonds…

Churma is ready; instead of baking it in ovan u can deep fry it in oil and then do the similar process.

You can serve Churma crumble or can make its Ladoos

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