Things to carry while travelling with baby (infant)

traveling with baby

Traveling itself is very hectic and it goes double hectic when you are traveling with your bundle of joy(by flight, by train or by road). You are a mother and you want to give your baby comfort over any place on the planet, so you need to pack each and every thing which your baby needs on daily basis or may required in emergency. From cloths to bath essential n from food to medicines, you have to be safe traveler while traveling with your baby. Here I am sharing the whole list of things which I carry while travelling with my little one.

1.) Diapers : Most essential thing for infants weather you are traveling or you are at home, Diapers are must to keep you little one dry and happy.


2.) Wipes : they are multipurpose, like we can use wipes to clean our baby’s bumb as well as her any body part. It is also an essential thing and can also be used by mother.Wipes

3.) Sanitizer: hygiene is must when we are talking about babies, a sanitizer ensures the hygiene just sanitize your hands before touching your baby or before touching her food or before feeding her.Sanitizer

4.) Bath essentials: do not forget these bath essentials like baby soap, shampoo, moisturizing cream, body lotion , comb, bath suit and bath towel .Bath essentials

5.) First-aid kit: always be positive is the right slogan to live a happy and healthy life. But being a parent we need to think all good and bad for our baby. So here the first-aid kit will include a thermometer, nasal drop, medicine for cold, medicine for fever etc.First-aid kit

6.) Warm clothes/ winter or woolen clothes: if you are travelling during winters or by flight or AC class in train you need woolen clothes for your baby, which will include blanket, half sweater, full sweater, booties, caps and socks.Warm clothes winter or woolen clothes

7.) Daily basis normal clothes: Carry clothes in which your baby is comfortable like frock, t shirts, slips or jhabla, pants or pajamas, night ware, sun cap and panties.Daily basis normal clothes

8.) Handkerchief (Hankeys) and bibs : They are must, u require them when you are feeding your baby or sometimes baby may start drooling because they were teething. So carry a pack of hankeys and bibs with you while going out of your place with babies.Handkerchief (Hankeys) and bibs

9.) Food items : If your infant is below 6 months then you may need some formula milk with you to feed her/him. If you baby is above 6 months then you need to carry food items with you for her like fruits, homemade biscuit, homemade cakes, cerelac, a thermos with hot water etc.

10.) Feeding Bottles and Sippers : Do not forget to sterilize them before packing.

Feeding Bottles and Sippers

11.) Favorite toy and some new toy : Just don’t forget to pack her favorite toy because she will gonna miss it, and carry some new toy (which she has not seen before) for her so that she will be busy with it for some time.Favorite toy and some new toy

12.) Diaper Rashes cream and Some disposal plastic bags : Plastic bags may require to dispose her used diapers.


13.) Baby career and car seat : if you are traveling by car or by flight car seats ensure baby’s safety an baby carrier you may need to make yourself free while walking.

14.) If you are travelling by flight don’t forget to carry some cotton with you to cover your baby’s ear, because the sound in air plane may irritate your baby or may cause ear pain.

Thats all, start packing your baggage before a week of travel day. Do not forget to take contact number of your baby’s pediatrician or doctor.

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